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We’re Nina (mama to Wyatt) and Kate (mama to Leo and Cohen), the faces behind WYLO +CO, a baby clothing company named after our boys.

How we started? We first met working at our local coffee shop where a friendship quickly ensued after we realized how closely we lived together and our shared experiences of being mothers. During our time there, we both found ourselves struggling with balancing work and spending time with our families as our jobs left us with limited time to manage the other faucets of our lives. Constant discussions of aspirations to pursue our own creative endeavours and to have the ability to be more present for our kids got us thinking; how do we make both of those goals a reality? Our common interests in dressing our boys and children's fashion led us to notice the lack of affordable, sustainable and desirable clothes within the market. So with no past experiences in sewing, two brand new starter sewing machines and a glass of wine (or two) in hand we started making baby leggings in the summer of 2014.

From the beginning, our belief was that to provide the best future for our kids, sustainability must be at the forefront of the decisions we make when choosing materials. We believe our emphasis to source organic and natural fibres in as much of our products as possible impacts the longevity and the experiences of each of our garments so that these items can be enjoyed long after one's child outgrows them. Often times, sustainability and quality is marketed at unaffordable prices, our goal was to break that barrier and make it available to mothers like ourselves.

After four successful years, we continue to work from our homes as a two woman team. Beyond sewing we have become our own managers and administrators, delegating and organizing the shipment of orders, web design, photography, keeping a constant connection to our customers through social media and continuously exploring the different possibilities whilst still staying true to our original core values.