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Who made your Clothes? Pt. 1

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We wanted to share a glimpse into the process of how we make your clothes so there is a better understanding of how much time, effort, love and quality goes into our garment with our co-founder Nina Le. 

We thought it was important to see all the steps we take with each garment. Transparency is at the forefront of our brand which is so important. The fabrics, how their dyed, woven, to cutting, measuring, trimming and flipping - all of these steps are all accounted for. 

Each template is hand drawn and uploaded onto the computer and printed, to then cut into each size. Over the past 4 years we have probably made 200 templates as we have changed and adjusted to accommodate our consumers and customers. 

Nina is a wizard with cutting. She has mastered her craft over the last few years and we are still blown away each time she drops off 100-200 garments at a time.  Her hustle and efficiency is amazing.

She also takes precaution checking over each item. Each garment is also checked by our shipping director to make sure its in tip top shape to be packaged. 


No doubt our machines are pushed to the limits at times for large wholesale orders, but we are lucky to have industrial machines to help us get through our piles. 

Each piece of a garment is measured, cut and altered to fit the sized templates. Arms, legs, cuffs, neckline etc. 

We asked Nina what her favourite step was in completing an item...jokingly she said passing it off to Kate. But in all seriousness, there is no greater feeling than snipping the final threads to each garment, holding it up and seeing the finished product that you made with your own two hands (with the help of our Juki). 

We hope you enjoyed part. 1 of our blog series; "Who made your Clothes" featuring Nina Le. We'll be back in a few weeks, high-lighting our other Co-Founder Kate Oseen and what tasks she completes as a part of the process of our brand.