Everything $5.00 // Read Descriptions for change in materials - different drawstrings etc. Everything $5.00 // Read Descriptions for change in materials - different drawstrings etc.

6 years

6 years

This business started out as our creative niche, a place that we could express our creativity and find an outlet that turned into years of us devoting our time and love to.  

From the beginning we always went with whatever our gut told us. No experience or knowledge on building a brand, we sat down at two sewing machines. We still have those first pairs we produced. They weren’t the nicest.  But we were so proud. People started to ask...

“Where did you get those?”

“We made them!” 

What a great feeling it was to have. To know that something you essentially created with your two hands, were wanted by so many. 

We went from small sewing machines - to industrial. We started out with a few prints - to fully expanding our line. In little rooms of our homes - to taking up space in multiple rooms. Little markets - to big shows. Stockists to local - international stores. We collaborated and connected with so many people.

Each year we can’t believe that we came out another year. It’s crazy to think how quickly a year can pass in the blink of an eye. You work so hard every day, work around the clock, put every ounce of you into creating and trying your best to make it as big as you can.

And here we are...... Approaching our 6th birthday.

 It allowed us to experience so many things, make connections, be at home with our kids, connect and create with each other, see so many children in our brand, stockists entrusting us. With the success that we've had, there were struggles and creating a balance with kids and loved ones has been challenging. 

With this in mind, it is our greatest sadness to inform you all that we have decided that this will be our final season of Wylo&Co.

Trying to articulate or put into words on how to share this with you all and even to accept ourselves has been hard. Making such a big decision on what is next. Finding comfort in the space of the unknown. 

Thank you for following us on this path of growth that has been deeply personal, revealing and enlightening to the both of us. The strength we've gained from numerous challenges that we've faced, the amazing people we've met and the overwhelming support is immeasurable.